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Artist’s Statement


Claude Duplat been a photographer all of his life. He owned “The Black and White Photo Lab”, in Sacramento, CA for twenty-five years (1979-2004). During that time, he had many photography shows. Always pushing limits with his photography, manipulating his photos with an artistic eye.


After years of owning The Black and White Photo Lab and his own studio he experienced burnout and stepped away from photographic projects.


However, years later in retirement he found his way back to his passion and love for photography. 


Early Years:

In his 30’s (mid 1980-1990’s) he had multiple shows of his photography;

in the KVIE/PBS Art Auction, the Crocker-Kingsley Art Competition and photographed art for the Crocker Art Museum for a retrospective catalog. 


During that time also had an exhibition of his 4’x5’ black and white, woven photos at Chan Elliot Gallery in Sacramento, CA. At that time Claude was best known for his large black and white woven photos.



After an extended break from photography and most recently (2010’s to present day), his work has been in solo shows and group shows exhibited at the Viewpoint Photographic Art Center, Blue Line Arts in Roseville, CA, the KVIE/PBS Art Auction and also in Crocker Art Museum’s Big Names, Small Art and their Silent Auction for 2022.


Claude feels that he has come full circle; having created large woven photos in his business darkroom, and now creating his images digitally at home in his “light room” on his 24 inch inkjet printer.


Currently, his focus is on creating images, by combining multiple images to create a “never before seen” image.

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